About Liz

I'm an artist and illustrator who took the scenic route by studying design and architecture first.  The good news is that my experience in design is what helped me fall in love with a clean aesthetic and midcentury art, design and illustration.  I'm an introvert, a chronic doodler and still add to the sticker collection that I started in the early 80's.

Through my work, I try to evoke a smile, and sometimes a tear, by telling stories through whimsical pictures and characters. Much of my work explores the challenges children face in school: feeling overlooked and misunderstood, overcoming learning disabilities and social issues like friendship difficulties. I often communicate my ideas about school experiences through the tools children use to learn, like books and school supplies.

 As the parent of a dyslexic child, I lent my artistic talents to support the campaign that promoted passage of the first dyslexia law the State of Arizona in 2015. My illustration, A Day in the Life of a Courageous Dyslexic Student, (available as a free download in my shop) received national recognition by the advocacy groups Bright Solutions for Dyslexia and The Dyslexic Advantage. 

I reside in Phoenix, AZ with my husband and two neurologically diverse children. I spend my free time teaching art, reading biographies and raising creative kids.